Iranian Society of Machine Vision and Image Processing (ISMVIP) is proud to organize its technical webinars by inviting domestic and foreign professors and experts. All researchers and interested parties are invited to enjoy these webinars.

Dr. Mohammad Shokoohi-Yekta
Stanford University, USA
Hottest Applications and Trends in Deep Learning
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Thu. May 12, 2022
@ 16:00 Tehran time
Dr. Hamidreza Kasae
University of Groningen, the Netherlands
Towards Lifelong Robot Learning: How Robots Can Help Us in Various Daily Tasks?
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Thu. Dec. 23, 2021
@ 16:00 Tehran time
Dr. Ali Amirshahi
Norwegian University of Science and Technology’s, Norway
Deep Learning in Image Quality Assessment: Past, Present, and What Lies Ahead
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Thu. Dec. 9, 2021
@ 19:00 Tehran time
Dr. Mahdi Rezaei
University of Leeds, UK
Emerging Technologies in Vehicle Automation and Self-driving Cars
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Sun. Aug 22, 2021
@ 16:00 Tehran time
Dr. Hossein Azizpour
Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Deep Learning for Breast Cancer using Mammographic Images
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Thu. Jun 24, 2021
@ 16:15 Tehran time
Prof. Shohreh Kasaei
Sharif University of Technology, Iran
Advances in 3D computer vision
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Thu. Apr 15, 2021
@ 10:00 Tehran time
Prof. Patrick Wang
Northeastern University, USA
Intelligent Pattern Recognition (IPR) and Applications to Imaging and e-Forensics
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Thu. Feb 25, 2021
@ 19:00 Tehran time